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Tarek Ahmed Sewilam

Assistant Chairman - Training

B.Sc. in Chemistry has more than 31 years of experience with high technical capabilities and management skills. He has remarkable experience in the field of HSE, training and marketing in PETROSAFE. He worked as Marketing & Training General Manager for 11 years and Operations & Marketing Assistant General Manager for 6 years. Earlier, he worked for 10 years in the HSE General Department; 8 years as Safety Sector Head and 2 years as Fire Fighting Specialist.

During his years of experience, his management skills was extensively improving. While he was in charge of the Training department, PETROSAFE has conducted numerous programs (5700 programs to 90000 trainees, i.e. the training day / person was approximately 367000 training day / person). He was, as well, responsible for training 15% of the total number of petroleum sector employees in the field of HSE according to the need of each company.

In addition to his achievements in the management of Training Department, He has his mark in the development of PETROSAFE in other departments. Chem. Sewilam participated in the preparation and development of company policies & strategies, the development and preparation of company Marketing Policy and execution plans and different committees within the oil sector such as Higher HSE Committee, Geographical Areas Committees, … etc. He was supervising execution and marketing plans, technical, financial & administrative tasks, expanding fields of activities and clients through effective communications, business development through market research & study and finally development of planetary budget. He also leads audit teams in all fields of HSE activities, manages different projects in the fields of technological studies, Safety Engineering, Fire Fighting, HSE Management Systems, Environmental Audits, Environmental Measurements, Compliance Action Plans, EIA and Oil Base Mud Cuttings Treatment Studies.